Host Rule From Url Wildcard To Url To Content Id Action
https://www.arenadannero.se 0 https://www.arenadannero.se/arkiv/nyheter/2021/juli/senaste-nytt-om-banan/ https://www.arenadannero.se/arkiv/nyheter/2021/juli/senaste-nytt-om-banan/ 34236 MODIFY DELETE

Redirect Manager allows to add, modify and remove permanent redirection rules (alias HTTP 301, Moved Permanently).

Rules are redirected in 404 handler, so all the pages and static content overrides these rules.

Url addresses are NOT case sensitive. Also the trailing slash (/) in urls' is removed before rule's are applied.

Wildcard rules redirect all the addresses that starts with the from url address.

Link rules

To support very specific needs for specific sites, you have the option to apply rules to your link.

Allmän - Default ruleset and follows basic 1 to 1 match and wildcard.

Travsport (Sport/Avelsinfo) - Replaces id and source of link and creates new sportapp-id.

Actual URLs:
From: https://www.travsport.se/licensinnehavare/visa/161607/transtat?source=S
To: https://beta.sportapp.travsport.se/sportinfo/licenseholder/ts161607/driverstatistics

Redirect URLs:
From: https://www.travsport.se/licensinnehavare/visa/{id}/transtat?source={source}
To: https://beta.sportapp.travsport.se/sportinfo/licenseholder/{id}/driverstatistics

Travsport (Tävling/Prop) - Replaces id and source of link and creates new sportapp-id.

Actual URLs:
From: https://www.travsport.se/tavlingskalender/visaproppar?raceDayId=578980
To: https://beta.sportapp.travsport.se/race/raceday/ts578980/completionlist

Redirect URLs:
From: https://www.travsport.se/tavlingskalender/visaproppar?raceDayId={raceDayId}
To: https://beta.sportapp.travsport.se/race/raceday/{raceDayId}/completionlist